Derek and the Dominos Live With B.B. King: Everyday I Have The Blues

On the 26th November 1970, Derek and the Dominos played at the Music Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio. The band at the time were nearing the end of their US tour and a recording of the performance shows it to be one of the best the band ever played. As an added bonus, if seeing Derek and the Dominos wasn’t special enough, B.B. King joined the band for an encore of Everyday I Have The Blues. Take a listen:

This would be the only time that B.B. King joined the Dominos on stage, although they did have a number of other musical guests join then in the US from Delaney Bramlett, Neal Schon and Duane Allman. As you can hear, the Dominos music is considerably “harder” than the music B.B. King was used to playing at the time but his voice rises over the music and doesn’t fail to give you goosebumps. Eric and B.B. played together multiple times over the years and while this is one of the lesser known performances it’s certainly one of the most special and now that B.B. King is no longer with us it’s these recordings that will continue to live on and show every new generation what kind of person, singer and guitar player he was.

On a final note, more info on this show (along with every other show the Dominos played) will be in the book I am writing on the band. Head over to my Facebook Page for all info on the book as it becomes available.


Photo taken at the Music Hall in Cincinnati, 26th November 1970. Photographer unknown.

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