Allman Brothers Band Isolated Rhythm Track: Ramblin’ Man

Brothers And Sisters was the first album by The Allman Brothers Band that didn’t feature their former leader Duane Allman. The album, released in 1973, would also be the last album to feature bassist Berry Oakley and his playing on the Dickey Betts song Ramblin’ Man is the main focus of this article.

Ramblin’ Man saw the band take a new musical direction away from blues/rock that they had thrived and lived on under Duane’s leadership and introduced a number of country elements. The song was a huge hit and remains one of the most popular songs by the band to this day and also cemented Dickey Betts’ position as a songwriter in the band.

Take a listen:

As you can hear, Berry’s bass playing is nothing short of exquisite and showed what a masterful player he was. Most of the time when people listen to The Allman Brothers Band, they tend to focus on the guitar playing or the vocals yet the rhythm parts are often overlooked. They are some of the most important parts of the song and hearing them stripped back like this is wonderful.


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