Here Comes The Sun: The Lost Guitar Solo

When you think of Here Comes The Sun you don’t think of a guitar solo, however George Harrison did originally record one which was eventually left off of the final album version. Work started on Here Comes The Sun on the 7th July 1969 when George recorded the rhythm track in roughly 13 takes. John was the only Beatle not to play on the song as this was just after his car accident with Yoko so only three of the Beatles played, George on acoustic guitar, Paul on bass and Ringo on drums. George also provided a rough vocal take for the initial session but replaced this with the final vocal take a day later on the 8th July. The song was then left until mid-August when strings and moog were added. As noted on the Beatles Bible website, it’s likely that George recorded the guitar solo in August sometime although there is no definite information on that.

I’m sure many people have heard it before but I never get tired of hearing it:

The addition of a solo could have made the song very very different. Sadly the only recording we have of the solo is in that video although it would be great at some point if an outtake featuring the solo was released. There must be so many unheard Beatles recordings and alternate takes in the Abbey Road vaults that are just sitting there, it’s a shame that these things don’t come to light more often. The Beatles were a unique band and an unheard solo like this just adds to the magic.



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