Derek And The Dominos: Show Introductions

Derek and the Dominos only toured from August to December 1970 but in that time they made a lasting impression on so many people. The live shows are a major part of the book I am writing on the band, a book that will be the most in-depth ever written on Derek and the Dominos, and things like band introductions are very special to hear as they give you a little snapshot of what it must have been like at the venues they played at.

There are a number of live recordings of the band, most of them audience recordings, however not all of them include an introduction from a member of staff at the venue. I have assembled a playlist of the available band introductions from the bootlegs that exist and they are in chronological order.

  • 11th August: Marquee Club, London (early show)
  • 11st October: Lyceum Ballroom, London
  • 16th October: Electric Factory, Philadelphia (early show)
  • 23rd October: Fillmore East, New York (early & late shows)
  • 5th November: Ryman Auditorium (Johnny Cash Show)
  • 6th November: McFarlin Auditorium, Dallas
  • 26th November: Music Hall, Cincinnati
  • 1st December: Curtis Hixon Hall, Tampa

The most fascinating band introduction (that we know of) took place in Tampa, Florida when the band played at the Curtis Hixon Hall on the 1st December 1970. This is the show where Duane joined the band on stage for the first time. The man introducing the band gets the names of everyone completely wrong, saying “Bobby Flitlock, Carl Ladle, Jimmy Jordan, Wayne Allman and Ernest Clampton. Ernest and the Dominos!” You just can’t get any more wrong than that which is baffling considering how big a name Eric Clapton was at this period in time. Duane Allman was also a big name in Florida, as The Allman Brothers Band formed in Jacksonville a year and nine months earlier.

Out of the other eight shows, the introductions are all fairly normal. I just love to hear this kind of thing as it gives you an insight into the entire evening before the music even begins. To listen, just hit play on the SoundCloud player below and each introduction will start in order one after the other without any interuptions.

Obviously the band were introduced at the other venues they played at but either no bootlegs exist from those shows or from those that do, the recording starts after the introductions took place and right before the first song. You’ve got to remember that for a band with such a legendary album, they really weren’t around that long. Things like band introductions are very precious and wonderful to hear.


Photo taken by an unknown photographer at the Music Hall in Cincinnati, 26th November 1970

4 thoughts on “Derek And The Dominos: Show Introductions

  1. Stephen Jetto says:

    I’ve always thought he says “Otis Clampett”. The announcer is either joking, or perhaps more likely reading from a note written by a joker.

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  2. Rob Hankin says:

    The intro at the Tampa show was done by Harry Hayward who fronted Duckbutter (a regional band). Great band and Harry was always playing with the names. He had 2 guys in his band he introduced as the Allen Brothers (Allen Duane and Allen Greg).

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  3. ronnyelliott says:

    I promoted the show for my record producer, Phil Gernhard. Harry Hayward was the MC. It as all his idea of a joke. When he walked into the dressing room at Curtis Hixon he bellowed, “Which one of you is Earnest Clampton?” Eric seemed really amused. Duane? Not so much. Harry and Duane knew each other slightly. Harry and Eric had never laid eyes on one another.

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