Layla Alternative Version

When the 20th Anniversary Edition of Layla was released in 1990, not everything was included from the Layla sessions. This alternative version and mix of Layla is something that didn’t make the cut even though it’s found it’s way onto certain bootlegs since. The most notable differences are Eric’s lead vocal at the beginning and the lead guitar parts by Duane, plus the lack of an acoustic guitar in the coda. Take a listen:

I absolutely love hearing things like this and the same goes with studio chat in-between different takes which you can hear at the start. Considering Tom Dowd left the tapes running for the majority of the recording sessions for the Layla album, there must be a lot of stuff that hasn’t been released and most likely will never see the light of day. But I hope at least some of it does because things like alternative takes of Layla are history in the making.


6 thoughts on “Layla Alternative Version

  1. Neil says:

    By the grace of karma I had a neighbor who made me get on a train in the snow on Christmas Eve and go to the capital theater to see D & t D. No Duane but still a killer show. Once in a lifetime.

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