Derek and the Dominos Book Update: February 2015

I’ve been asked why I’m writing a book on Derek and the Dominos quite a lot, so I thought I’d start this entry by telling you all why. I see the band as one of the greatest bands of all time, and I know you do too. But a lot of casual music fans have never really heard of Derek and the Dominos. Sure, they may have heard of Layla but they associate the song to just Eric. More serious music fans may know of the Layla album in it’s entirety (and rightly so) but what about other areas of their career? The live shows for example have barely been covered at all in any great detail. Yes there’s a Fillmore East album but apart from that, there’s hardly anything been written on them. They are without a doubt one of the least covered bands in the history of music. There’s really no other way to say it.

So why am I writing a book? The answer is simple, I love Derek and the Dominos. Their music touches me in places no other music does. My book will be the first book to cover EVERYTHING the band did, from meeting on the Blind Faith tour to the end of the second album sessions. For the first time you’ll have a detailed insight into every single show the band played, down to the songs, gear setup and much more. There’ll be ticket stubs from the shows and photos of the band playing live that have never been seen before. It’s important to me that people know Derek and the Dominos weren’t just the Layla album. They were much much more than that. They were an unstoppable force and an incredible live act. They are one of the best bands of all time.

As always I want to say a thank you to everyone I’ve spoken to so far and to the people that continue to send me messages of support while I continue to write and work on the book.


derek copy

3 thoughts on “Derek and the Dominos Book Update: February 2015

  1. Dave B says:

    Looking forward to this book on possibly the greatest one shot band!! They are one of my favorite bands of all time and have worn out copies of both albums. They do deserve much more recognition!!!

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  2. Art Wray says:

    Thanks Tom . Your focus and work has really reminded me what a great band Derek And The Dominos were and what a shame it didn’t last a bit longer . It also reminds me of how fortunate I was to have seen them live in concert . I’m really lookin’ forward to the book !

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  3. Dennis Lind says:

    Thanks Tom for this effort to write an in depth look at one of the greatest musical groups to ever come down the pipe. I admit to being more of an Allman Brothers Band fan and found it so very interesting to see how close Duane Allman came to becoming a permanent member of the Domino’s s per the letter revealed in Galadriel Allman’s book on her father. We would have never seen the Allman’s Live at the Fillmore East, the Domino’s may have had a different outcome and so on. We are just so lucky we had the musical collaboration that produced the Domino’s album. What a collection of amazing musicians.

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