Welcome to the website of writer Tom Caswell

I am a music journalist, music historian and author. My love for writing is rooted in music where I specialise in the blues and rock genres. This website is where I share all of my work from regular features such as my BOOTLEG SERIES, CLASSIC ALBUM SERIES and OPINION PIECES to my in-depth columns where I focus on specific events in music history. I’m driven to write and create articles where the reader can immerse themselves and feel like they were actually there.

I am also in the process of writing a biography on Derek and the Dominos which will be the most in-depth book on them ever written. Info regarding my book is also on this website, and I encourage anyone who saw the band live to get in touch with me and be a part of my book.  I’m always looking to talk to people who saw the band live. My e-mail(s) can be found in the contact section.

Thank you

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